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A personal injury is injury to an individual's body, mind, or emotions. In some instance of a personal injury an individual or a company may be liable for the resulting suffering that the personal injury caused. Personal injuries can occur out of negligence, an intentional infliction of harm, or the injuring of another person despite any type of negligence or intent. Personal injuries vary widely in both the cause and result of the accident.

A personal injury as the result of negligence is the most common type of claim. Common negligence personal injury causes are slip and fall accidents, workplace accidents, motor vehicle accidents, and medical malpractice. There are existing regulations that exist in order to prevent personal injuries from occurring, but in some instances an individual may be liable for the personal injury that resulted from their failure to act, whether intentional or not.

Personal injury law covers the physical harm the individual may have, as well as the suffering they endured. Suffering can include emotional humiliation an individual may have felt because of the personal injury. A personal injury lawyer can help the individual seek the proper compensation they are qualified for as a result of the personal injury. The more serious the personal injury, the more of an impact and influence it probably had on the individual's life, thus making a higher compensation more likely.

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California Personal Injury

In California, personal injury law encompasses injuries to an individual's body and/or mind that are due to the recklessness, negligence, or intentional harm of another person or a legal entity such as a company or corporation. The state of California has personal injury liability guidelines that are used to determine whether a party is solely or partly responsible for an injury or wrongful death, and to determine an appropriate legal remedy for an individual’s injury or death.


Auto Accident
It is important to know how to react in the event of an auto accident in order to best preserve your rights and to make sure you do not make any minor errors that can end up costing you a lot.

Wrongful Death
When a wrongful death has occurred the survivors or beneficiaries of the wrongful death victim is entitled to receive compensation for their significant loss, as well as the loss of income.

Motorcycle Accident
Motorcycle accident law differs from auto accident law, so finding a lawyer that has had experience in this particular area of law is beneficial.

Personal Injury
Personal injury cases can be very complex because of the differing circumstances that involve different legal and insurance matters.

Product Liability
A product liability is inclusive of any party held liable for damages as a result of a product manufacture problem.

Brain Injury
A brain injury occurs when sudden physical damage to brain takes place, caused by various factors.

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