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Proving Fault for a Personal Injury

Knowing who is at fault for the accident leading up to the personal injury is not always clear. Avoid making any statements following an accident despite any emotional difficulties you may be feeling. Any and all statements, including admitting fault directly following an accident can be used against you, regardless of what is found to be true. Especially in instances when a personal injury has been sustained, immediately contact your lawyer.

Determining what act(s) of negligence caused the accident results in finding who is liable for the personal injury. Not all accidents will find just one person liable because an accident may have resulted from the negligence of several different factors. In this instance, there may be more than one person liable for the injuries and damages. It depends on the circumstances that will pay for the personal injury compensation. Your personal injury lawyer will help uncover who is responsible and will advise you who to make claims against.

Some people think that the personal injury they are suffering from does not entitle them to any compensation because they were partly at fault for the accident. In these instances legal advice should be sought because compensation may still be available. Proving that the accident was partially caused by another party will qualify you for compensation for your injuries depending on how much liability was attributed to you and how much liability was attributed to another party. It is always a safe idea to consult with a personal injury lawyer to ensure your rights are being adequately and properly protected.

There are certain statutes that make determining liability easy in accidents. Just because a personal injury has been sustained does not mean that the injured individual is not liable for his/her own suffering. If you would like more information on a personal injury accident, please contact us so that a personal injury lawyer can advise you of your legal rights and options.

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